Anne Kovalainen : Professor

Anne Kovalainen


Anne Kovalainen is professor of entrepreneurship at the School of Economics, University of Turku. She held the Minna Canth Academy Professorship of the Academy of Finland in 2010-2014 as well as positions as a visiting faculty fellow at Stanford University, School of Humanities and Sciences, Michelle R. Clayman Gender Institute, LSE, University of Massachusetts and at Roskilde University. Anne Kovalainen’s scholarly work and research interests fall into four interrelated areas: economy and society, especially relations between entrepreneurship, self-employment and paid work as integral part of the economy; social research methodology and methods; modes of knowledge production and STS research and research on gender. Currently Anne Kovalainen is interested in the relationship of state, academia and business, best captured through the interdisciplinary project Knowledge Governance.
Hannu Salmi : Professor

Hannu Salmi


Hannu Salmi is professor of cultural history at the University of Turku. His research interests lie in the history of film and the media, cultural history of the nineteenth century (especially music history), history of technology, and the history of emotions and the senses. He has lead research projects on Cinematic Cartographies of European History, 1945-2000 (2009-2013) and the Traveling Notions of Culture: Itineraries of Bildung and Civilisation in Early Nineteenth-Century Europe (2012-2015). He is also a member of The Romantic Era Research Group (RERG) and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Humanities.
Jarna Heinonen : Professor

Jarna Heinonen


Jarna Heinonen is Professor of Entrepreneurship and director of the entrepreneurship research group at the School of Economics, University of Turku. Her multi-disciplinary research interests include corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, company growth, and family business. Jarna Heinonen lectures in entrepreneurship, particularly entrepreneurial behaviour as well as developing and promoting entrepreneurship in different contexts. She has worked in numerous national and international research and development projects aiming at promoting entrepreneurial activities within different kinds of private and public organizations with a mission to support the organization to become more entrepreneurial and agile. Currently Jarna holds board positions in Turku Region Co-operative Bank (Turun Seudun Osuuspankki, Chair of the Board) and OP Group Co-operative. She is also the academic director of the eMBA Programme and the Chair of the eMBA Programme Committee at the Turku School of Economics.
Markku Wilenius : Professor

Markku Wilenius


Markku Wilenius is professor of futures studies in Turku University Business School. He has worked over 20 years with futures studies. In recent years his research interest include undestanding socio-economic long-term waves, future of financial industry, future of forest industry and future of non-hierarchical organizations. His latest project is the future of cities and communities. He is the president of three foundations. He has also worked with Allianz, world largest private insurer, leading their strategic research and development. He is a member of Club of Rome and has led Finnish delegation in Johannesburg sustainable development summit. He has published books and articles widely. His latest book is called ”Tulevaisuuskirja” (Book of Future), from summer 2015. His latest articles are:

Wilenius, Markku (2015) The Next K-Wave and the Challenge of Global Democracy. Foresight Vol. 17, Issue 1, p. 35-52

Wilenius, Markku & Casti, John (2015). The Sixth K-Wave and the Shocks That May Upend It Technological Forecasting and Social Change Vol. 94, May 2015, Pages 335–349

Wilenius, Markku & Kurki, Sofi (2015). Ethics in the Sixth Wave: How New Ethical Companies will Transform Our Economies in the Coming Decades. Futures, Vol. 71, pp 146-158
Seppo Poutanen : Project Coordinator - Docent

Seppo Poutanen

Project Coordinator - Docent

Seppo Poutanen is Senior Researcher and Docent of sociology at School of Economics of University of Turku, Finland. Seppo’s areas of expertise include social epistemology, social theory, sociology of science, methodology of social sciences and economic sociology. He has acted as Visiting Fellow in several universities abroad (e.g. Stanford University, LSE, UTS Business School). One of Seppo’s current research projects, with Professor Anne Kovalainen, focuses on the rise of entrepreneurial university. He has published his research in Social Epistemology, Critical Public Health, Journal of Critical Realism, Sociological Research Online, International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship and in several edited volumes.
Petri Paju : Researcher

Petri Paju


Petri Paju is a researcher at the department of cultural history at the University of Turku specializing in research on technology as a component of social and cultural history. He is interested in the role of technology and technological development as a part of society especially in Finland. His past research includes work on understanding the national meaning of participation in technology development through the assembly of Finland’s first computer in the 1950’s. More recently his work has looked at the societal impact of technology on the European scale while also exploring the role played by IBM in the European context during the cold war.
Matti Karinen : Research Assistant

Matti Karinen

Research Assistant

Matti Karinen is a graduate student of international business writing his master’s thesis on governance and sustainability with a case company in West Africa. He completed his bachelor’s studies with a thesis on the determinants of competitive advantage in the mining industry. Prior to his studies in Finland, Matti lived in South East Asia for almost ten years. He joined the Entrepreneurship Unit in March 2015 and currently works as a research assistant with the Knowledge Governance project.