The Knowledge Governance project analyses new forms of academic knowledge production from various perspectives, with special focus on the modes of collaboration of academy/university with its external partners. Another emphasis is on developing innovative and multidisciplinary research initiatives at University of Turku, and in this, the central ambition will be in promoting science and technology studies by both internal alliances and collaboration between different faculties and units, and external, international alliances and co-operation.

The Knowledge Governance project is directly linked to the SWiPE (Smart Work in Platform Economy) project which has been selected by the Academy of Finland Strategic Research Council to take part in the Skilled Employees – Successful Labour Market call. SWiPE explores the effect of global transformations in work due to shifts in platforms and technology so as to support and enable renewal in the Finnish economy and society. A key deliverable is an understanding of the skills and capabilities that companies and the public sector need in order to be able to maintain and improve their competitiveness and effectiveness on a global level. Among other remedial policy suggestions, SWiPE will offer practical ways in which current education policy can be adjusted to provide the requisites of smart work in a changing society.